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Loyalty program Hoper Mile

We appreciate each kilometre travelled with us

Join the Hoper loyalty programme. Gain discounts for each route with the Hoper Mile loyalty card.

Use the Hoper Mile card

An e-card will be automatically sent to your email address after purchasing a ticket. You can also collect a plastic card from the driver and activate it when making an order. 

Enter the number of your card while making the next order and enjoy the discounts for the Hoper Miles earned.

What are Hoper Miles?

On domestic routes, the number of Hoper Miles is equal to the distance between the place of departure and the place of destination, calculated in kilometres. On international routes, it is the distance in kilometres divided by 4.

With our card, you benefit from travelling

50 mil

Wyga podróży 5% discount

250 mil

Koneser przejazdów 8% discount

750 mil

Wyjadacz kursów 10% discount

1750 mil

Połykacz kilometrów 15% discount

3750 mil

Weteran szos 20% discount

7500 mil

Rekin autostrad 30% discount


How does it work?

Barbara from Wrocław travelled to Rotterdam to spend Christmas with her daughter.

The distance between Wrocław and Rotterdam is 874 km. By making the trip there and back with Hoper, she earned 2 x 874: 4 = 437 Hoper Miles. She became a Travelling Connoisseur and gained an 8% discount for further routes.

In summer, Barbara travelled with Hoper to the seaside resort, Ustka, using the 8% discount.

The distance between Wrocław and Ustka in a straight line is 387 km. Travelling there and back with Hoper Barbara earned another 2 x 387 km = 774 Hoper Miles.

In total, she already had 1211 Hoper Miles on her account.

This way, she became a Travelling Expert and gained a 10% discount for further routes.

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How can I join the Hopes Mile programme?

As of 9 December 2019, each customer of Hoper who buys a ticket at hoper.pl or using the Hoper helpline, after paying for the journey, receives the number of the Hopes Mile e-card by email or by text message. In order to join the programme, you have to enter the number of the card and accept the conditions of the programme and marketing communication during the next purchase.


I have not travelled with Hoper for 1.5 years. What has happened to my Hoper Miles?

The Hoper Miles counter is zeroed, if the traveller has not travelled with Hoper for 18 months. 


Where can I buy a ticket with a Hoper Miles discount?

Discounts are accepted on the website www.hoper.pl and via the Hoper helpline. 


How can I find out how many Hopes Miles I have gathered and to what discounts I am entitled?

You can receive the information about the Hoper Miles collected and about the discounts you are entitled to by sending an email to mile@hoper.pl. If you do not have the number of your Hoper Miles card yet, you will receive it by email upon your next purchase. 

Contact us

You can find more information about the “Hoper Mile”
programme in the regulations, or by sending an email to mile@hoper.pl or calling us at +48 690 011 755.