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Customer opinions

Anna i Alicja

It was our first journey with Hoper. We were pleasantly surprised by the professional service. Our driver, Andrzej, was very kind; he provided us with great care and ensured safety during our long journey. He gallantly carried our luggage when it had to be moved to another place. We hope that our return trip will be spent in equally pleasant company. We really recommend travelling with Hoper.


I travelled on the route Opole – Solec-Zdrój in September and back in October. It was right on time, relaxing and comfortable. I had a heavy suitcase, and the possibility of door-to-door transport from home to the sanatorium was extremely helpful. I felt like I was travelling by a private car, but without having to worry about the route. Big thanks to Łukasz and Piotr for the pleasant journey. If I ever happen to travel along a Hoper route again, I will certainly use its services, this time without asking “What kind of company it is”?


The return journey from the sanatorium in Wieniec-Zdrój to Lublin with Hoper was very pleasant. The driver, Rafał, was very helpful, polite, smart and patient. I really recommend the transport services offered by HOPER and if I ever have to travel on long-distant routes, I will start by looking at what hoper.pl is offering. It is fast, efficient and safe. My journey took place on 24 October 2019.


I travelled to Busko and back home after three weeks. It’s a fantastic way of travelling. I am very grateful and I recommend it to everyone. Fast, timely and efficient service. And, most importantly – very kind personnel. Thank you!


Hello. I have been travelling with Hoper for almost three years now. The first time I travelled was when SuperPKS changed to Hoper. Already on that first trip, I was amazed by the fantastic atmosphere during the journey. The time flew by. In addition, regular contact was ensured and the drivers were open to the needs of passengers. These great drivers will provide you with door-to-door service in a fast, efficient and safe way, without any stress. 10-15 minutes before the departure, the driver will call and inform you about the pick-up time. It’s a fantastic company. I highly recommend it to people who are not in a hurry for e.g. a train or plane.


I travelled with Hoper from Lublin to Warsaw and back. I was very satisfied. The journey was comfortable, and the driver was patient and kind. I must admit that I had great concerns about this journey, because I use crutches and sometimes I need help getting on and off a vehicle with quite a “high” entrance. However, my concerns proved totally unjustified. The driver helped me get on and off the vehicle. There were no problems at all! I will probably travel on the route Warsaw – Lublin many more times and, as long as there is a journey available for the next day, I will choose Hoper without any doubt! This mode of transport is much more convenient than a classic bus connection. The driver can take me exactly where I want, which is brilliant! :) I really recommend it! 


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